Vote Mrs. Prada for Hayward School Board

Sara Prada is a bilingual mother of three school-aged children, wife of 13 years, business owner, former DC photojournalist, Educational Leadership graduate student, and award-winning community activist.

Her plan is to make the board listen to families, improve Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and spend our money wisely on what really matters to kids and teachers.

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Awards & Endorsements

  • Endorsed by Janevette Cole, Trustee of the Alameda County Board of Education
  • Endorsed by WomenCount & Shirley’s Slate
  • Endorsed by Gloria Prada, award-winning Principal and Teacher in Hayward (retired)
  • Endorsed by Dr. Danvy Le, Cal State East Bay professor
  • Recipient of Rep Eric Swalwell’s Special Congressional Recognition, U.S. House of Representatives, 2019
  • Recognized by the California Senate for leadership in Hayward, 2019

Mrs. Prada’s plan for our schools

1. Support IEP’s

Individualized Education Programs are meant to help special needs students. But Hayward Unified is not taking them seriously or providing enough access to teachers and technology. When parents ask for help, they are often ignored. I’ll honor IEP’s.

2. Include families in decisions

I’ll keep holding online workshops and meetings with parents and students before big decisions to make sure your voice is heard.

3. Spend our taxes where it matters

Most of our students do not graduate ready for college, while the school district keeps spending money on expensive equipment that collects dust.

Hayward’s school board gives away ~$500,000 every year to the police department, even as we’re getting rid of teachers. Where are the school board’s priorities? I’ll make the classroom the priority.

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