Vote Mrs. Prada for Hayward School Board

Sara Prada is a bilingual mother of three school-aged children, wife of 13 years, business owner, former DC photojournalist, Educational Leadership graduate student, and award-winning community activist.

Her plan is to make the board listen to families, upgrade our educational programs, improve special education (IEP’s), and spend our money wisely on what really matters to kids and teachers.

Inspired by Family

Endorsed by teachers, major unions, and leaders across Hayward

  • Rep. Eric Swalwell, United States Congress
  • California Democratic Party
  • Hayward Teacher’s Union, the Hayward Education Association
  • California Teachers Association
  • Hayward’s City and School staff, SEIU local 1021
  • Aisha Knowles, President of Alameda County Board of Education
  • Janevette Cole, Alameda County Board of Education
  • April Oquenda, Hayward Unified School District Governing Board
  • Ken Rawdon, Hayward Unified School District Governing Board
  • Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Council
  • Alameda County Democratic Party
  • Hayward Area Democratic Club
  • South Alameda County Young Democrats
  • Emerge California’s only 2020 Hayward school board candidate
  • Professor Danvy Le, Cal State East Bay
  • WomenCount: Shirley Chisholm’s List
  • Recognized by the California Senate for leadership in Hayward, 2019
  • Gloria Prada, award-winning Principal, Teacher, and Data Scientist (retired)
  • Bay Rising Action, grassroots organization
  • Nurse Arzo Medhavi, emergency responder and community leader

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The Prada Plan for our Schools

We need to prioritize education in Hayward. Here’s a plan to address the biggest issues our schools are facing.

  1. Invest in our Teachers & Students during COVID-19 Crisis 
    • Provide basic equipment for teachers like wifi and computers.
    • Support our students and families to ensure distance learning is easier and effective.
    • Address the growing mental health emergency our students are facing. 
  2. Make Sure Hayward is a Competitive School District
    • Introduce ethnic studies to foster pride and to prepare students for new college requirements.
    • Evaluate special needs (IEP) programs to ensure they are in compliance with the law and students receive their right to an education. 
    • Invest in math education to meet state standards. 
  3.  Ensure the School Administration and Superintendent Listen to the Community and Spend Wisely
    • Hold regular workshops to help parents navigate red tape.
    • Create a culture of serving the community and addressing parental concerns. 
    • Invest our tax money in the classroom to improve school performance and control costs. Right now, we set aside huge amounts of money for lawsuits instead of doing the right thing up front.

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